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Tree-climbing goats are no silly billies

Wood you believe it ... goats eat leaves of a Moroccan argan tree
Wood you believe it ... goats eat leaves on Moroccan Argan tree

UNBELEAFABLE! This tree is groaning under the weight of NINE hungry goats.

The adventurous animals had climbed the Moroccan Argan tree to tuck into its leaves and olive-like fruit.
One even made it to the very top of the 17ft plant.
The animals — better known for navigating mountain ranges — head into trees when food is hard to come by.
Photographer Gavin Oliver was driving through Morocco when he spotted the scene by the side of the road.
The 38-year-old snapper, from Sydney, Australia, said: "There were about 30 goats, with the ones in the tree already in place when we were driving past.
"The tree branches were bobbing up and down under the weight of the goats every time they moved."
"The herd of goats were being looked after by a young teenage shepherd, who you can just make out behind the tree."

Kate in starving Africa kids plea

Royal ... Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is presented with a bouquet of flowers
Royal ... Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is presented with a bouquet of flowers

THE Duchess of Cambridge today used her first ever interview as a Royal to plea to the world: "Don't forget the starving children in Africa."

Kate was speaking after visiting UNICEF's emergency relief depot in Copenhagen with new hubby Wills today.
After touring the charity's supply line in the Danish capital Kate was asked how she reacted after hearing of the plight of 13 million people caught in the worst famine for more than two decades.
She said: "It's been going for 100 days or so and it's really still ongoing and a huge amount still has to happen with hundreds of children still malnourished at the moment.

Video: William and Kate in Africa appeal

ROYAL couple visit Copenhagen in support of Unicef campaign
"Hopefully we can do as much as we can really."
"We really hope to put the spotlight back on this terrible crisis and we need to try and raise the awareness.
"I was shocked by some of the statistics and I think other people would be if they'd lost track of the story.
Hubby William was asked what had touched him the most about the catastrophe in Africa.

Chic ... Kate looks stunning in long red dress
Chic ... Kate looks stunning in long red dress
He said: "I think what impresses me the most is that there is just an incredible amount being done. "UNICEF is leading the way and they're doing a fantastic job and sadly there's still a lot more to do and that's why we're here today.

Married couple ... Wills and Kate wear helmets in factory
Married couple ... Wills and Kate wear helmets in factory
"We will try to do our and get as many people as possible realising the truly horrendous situation that's going on in east Africa. "It's not a case of seeing it, it's sort of a case of it's always in the background.
"It's been going on for, as Catherine was saying, at least 100 days now and it's not getting any better.
"The rains have come now and as hopefully you've all heard from the UNICEF brief that doesn't necessarily mean things are going to get better at all, in fact disease becomes a huge issue.
"And so it's very much a case of anyone who can do anything to help, please do."

Taste ... Wills has taste of high-protein paste supplied to African children
Taste ... Wills has taste of high-protein paste supplied to African children
William then pleaded for people to dig deep despite the economic crisis in the west. 
He added: "As tragic and disastrous as what's going on around the world financially is, I think what's going on in east Africa really puts things into perspective of how terrible a crisis can actually get.
Kate echoed Wills after being asked if she wanted people to donate.
She said: "I really, really hope so, yes, definitely."
"I think it was initially a very big story, a lot of people did hear about it. I think because it has been going on for some time, people have perhaps lost track of the terrible situation so I think this hopefully will put the light back on this crisis.
She was then asked why she had come to Copenhagen and replied: "Really to support UNICEF and other charitable organisations who are doing work like this to support east Africa in this terrible situation.

Helping out ... Kate chips in with factory work
Helping out ... Kate chips in with factory work

Britney Spears wants to be a ‘bad girl’



Film ambition ... Britney Spears wants another crack despite previous effort
Film ambition ... Britney Spears wants another crack despite previous effort

AS if pricey popcorn wasn't enough reason to swerve the cinema, Britney Spears is planning a movie comeback.

She wants another crack at acting a decade after her first effort, Crossroads, was panned.
Brit said: "Definitely next year I am going to take a different route.
"I see myself being a detective, assassin or even a bad girl."
She might want to work on her attendance record first.
Britney was supposed to host an afterparty at Mahiki on Monday to celebrate finishing her London dates but failed to show up.
One Direction's Zayn Malik and Pixie Lott did plus the star's dancers – Brit headed back to her hotel instead.
She must have wanted to catch the Stoke v Newcastle highlights.

Tour afterparty ... One Direction's Zayn Malik at Mahiki
Tour afterparty ... One Direction's Zayn Malik at Mahiki

That’s Sarm way to say goodbye

Legends ... Bob Marley and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones
Legends ... Bob Marley and, right, Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones

A PIECE of music history is being re-written as Sarm Studios goes through a multi-million pound makeover. 


The building will be unrecognisable once the five studios are reconstructed into two which will be state-of-the-art.
The property in Notting Hill, west London, has been used over the years by the likes of Take That, Blur and Bob Marley.
Owner, producer Trevor Horn, plans to build the new studios using money from redeveloping part of the building into mews houses and apartments, including the church that housed the organ used by George Michael on his song Faith.
Reggae legend Bob lived in an upstairs flat at the studios for a year in the Seventies, at the same time that the Rolling Stones were recording there.
Queen laid down We Are The Champions on site too, and The Clash, Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin also made some of their best music at Sarm.

Through the ages ... The Prodigy's Liam at work at Sarm
Through the ages ... The Prodigy's Liam at work at Sarm
Trevor's daughter Ally Horn said: "We're hoping Sarm will be born again for the digital age, so we can cater for the next generation. We've always been cutting edge and it's about keeping up with that."
Notting Hill should prepare for some pilgrimages from long-haired musos.



Docs tell singer to Rihlax Rihanna 'running on empty'

Burning the candle at both ends ... Rihanna is suffering with the flu
Burning the candle at both ends ... Rihanna is suffering with the flu

RIHANNA necks so much booze she could hold her own on a drinking session with the Gillette Soccer Saturday panel. 


But the Bajan star has been ordered to avoid clubs and other drinking holes — or risk making herself seriously ill.
Shame, bet she'd love to bump into Matt Le Tissier.
The rundown singer was forced to cancel a gig in Sweden over the weekend after suffering a bout of flu.
As well as getting on the tequila shots every other night on tour, she's been staying up until 8am recording her new album after each show.
A source said: "Rihanna is running on empty but she's still been going out drinking and living it up.
"She doesn't have any down time where she can completely relax. She spends most of her time in the studio, on stage or in clubs.
"Doctors are worried she's overdoing it.
She needs to take some time off. Otherwise she'll be vulnerable to more illness."
Rihanna's mates have been checking in to see if she's OK.
Rapper Jay-Z and US X Factor judge LA Reid have both sent flowers and wished her a speedy recovery. Hopefully she'll take doctors' advice and spend more time in front of the telly over the next couple of weeks.

Her UK fans will want her re-energised before her Loud tour resumes at London's O2 Arena on November 13.
She's got 15 British dates to play before the tour ends at Christmas.
Dancers at Stringfellows might not be too pleased about her return, mind. She was nearly thrown out for repeatedly touching them last month.
At least there's plenty more late-night boozers to choose from in the UK.
"Champagne" Charlie Nicholas could let her know a few



I’ve had Justin Bieber’s baby

Mum's claim rocks pin-up, 17 


Young sweethearts ... squeaky-clean Justin Bieber out with pretty Disney starlet Selena Gomez
Young sweethearts ... Justin Bieber out with pretty Disney star girlfriend Selena Gomez

A JUSTIN Bieber fan claims the 17-year-old pop idol fathered her baby in a quickie backstage romp. 

Busty Bieber fan Mariah Yeater, 20, said the teen heart-throb told her it was his first time — and was "clearly embarrassed" it lasted only 30 seconds.
She wants Justin to take a paternity test and "provide adequate support" for her four-month-old boy Tristyn.
Mariah made the sensational claims in a lawsuit lodged in Los Angeles. A spokesman for Justin, whose song Baby is the first track on his hit album My World 2.0, strenuously denied the allegations, vowed to fight them and branded them "malicious and defamatory".
Squeaky-clean Justin has been dating 19-year-old Disney starlet Selena Gomez since December.
He once promised his mum he would "stay pure" until he met Miss Right. And in February he said: "I don't think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them."

Legal demand ... mum Mariah wants pop idol Justin Bieber to take paternity test
Legal demand ... mum Mariah wants pop idol Justin Bieber to take paternity test
In sworn legal papers, obtained by America's Star magazine, Mariah said she was in the front row of Justin's gig at LA's Staples Center on October 25 last year.
Mariah said a security guard asked her if she wanted to meet Justin backstage.
She claimed: "Immediately, it was obvious we were mutually attracted and we began to kiss."

he said Justin suggested they find a "private place". She added: "He told me he wanted to make love to me and this was going to be his first time." They went into a bathroom where, according to Mariah, Justin made it clear he wanted sex in much cruder language.
She said: "I asked him to put on a condom for protection but he insisted he did not want to. He said because it was his first time he wanted to feel everything."
Mariah added Canadian Justin immediately dressed after the brief bunk-up and snubbed her request to see him again.
She claimed she tried in vain to contact him when she became pregnant and insisted Tristyn could have no other dad. Justin yesterday vowed to "ignore the rumours".
He told his 13million Twitter followers he would "focus on what is real" and added: "Judge me on the music! Love yall!"
Mariah's claims could be heard in court next month.

Justin's teenage mother

JUSTIN Bieber's mum Pattie Mallette was just 18 when she became pregnant with him and raised him as a single parent. Here are other fascinating facts about the teenage pop sensation:

  • He signed a record contract aged just 14 after being discovered singing on YouTube.

  • He is already worth an estimated £100million after huge profits from his blockbuster concert film Never Say Never and worldwide tour. 
    Forbes magazine ranked him No2 best-paid celebrity under 30 after raking in £33million in a year, beaten only by Lady GaGa.

  • The video for his song Baby is the most watched clip ever on YouTube with more than 650million views.

  • A lock of his famous mop of hair sold on eBay for £25,500 in March.

  • He was the youngest solo male star to have a debut No1 album since Stevie Wonder in 1964.




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    Hie everyone and im sorry for been silence but i know some of u guyz u know wat was goin on with my life anyway im back now lets roock.....since i was vaction i will post few picture n see wats goin on when i was on breaak for while................

    I just wanna i appreciate for all my people trying to search for more newz n all of u for been patient
    thanx all n god bless u


    Tuesday, September 13, 2011

    Beyonce Has Very Unusual Pregnancy Cravings

    It's a common assumption that pregnant women are going to develop some strange cravings (i.e. pickles and ice cream). While it may seem gross to those of us not growing a human being inside of them, I can see how these odd combinations can happen -- the baby wants one thing and you're craving another, so why not put the two together? But it looks like Beyonce's baby is following in its mother's diva footsteps and taking it a level above all the rest. Thanks to a source aboard the $400,000-a-week yacht Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z rented to cruise the Mediterranean, we now know exactly what the pregnant singer is craving these days -- and it's a pretty strange assortment.

    According to what the source told The Sun, Beyonce is"snacking on Oreo biscuits and gherkins, Bounty ice creams with hot chilli sauce and she loves dipping bananas in ketchup. For breakfast, she's been having croissants with melted Dime bars inside." Talk about the "Best Thing I Never Had" -- that doesn't sound edible, let alone appetizing in any way. But whatever a diva wants, a diva gets. At least that's Jay-Z's philosophy since he's set on getting her everything she wants to ensure a happy pregnancy. We'll see how he feels at the end of 9 months. Have fun with all the trips to the store -- I'll be interested to see what other unusual assortments the baby comes up with. Does Top Chef know about you?

    Click on the image below for more photos of Beyonce!

    Source: NY Mag

    Whitney Houston May Appear In 'Sparkle' Remake

    The R&B icon may produce 1976 film remake.


    Whitney Houston, Sparkle
    The Preacher's Wife star may be making a come back. News has surfaced that Whitney Houston is in talks to star in Sparkle, a Sony Pictures remake of the 1976 music-themed drama. "American Idol" winner Jordin Sparks and actor Mike Epps also are set to participate in the redux, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    "The Game" executive producer Mara Brock Akil wrote the new script while her husband Salim Akil, who cut his teeth directing episodes of "The Game" and Brock Akil's first hit show "Girlfriends" will serve as director. Producers include Debra Martin Chase, TD Jakes, the Akils and Curtis Wallace.

    Sparkle, loosely based on Diana Ross and the Supremes, follows three sisters and their struggle out of the 1950s Harlem ghetto and into the spotlight. The original Sparkle star was played by Irene Cara alongside Lonette McKee and Mary Alice, who played her sister and mother, respectively. Tony King played the evil local hoodlum Satin that ultimately kills McKee's character.

    In the new version of Sparkle, Sparks will play the timid lead character and Houston will play her mother. Epps will reprise Satin, but instead of a local hood, he'll play a stand-up comedian who marries one of Sparkle's sisters and hooks her on drugs.

    As for Ms. Houston, this role will be her first since she last twirled around the silver screen in 1996 for The Preacher's Wife co-starring Denzel Washington and Courtney Vance. The R&B icon was originally involved with Sparkle as a producer when the project made the rounds around Hollywood via Warner years ago with the late Aaliyah as the lead. Houston will retain her producer credit in the 2011 project.
    (Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

    Harper Beckham is having a bawl

    I'll cry if I want to ... Harper Seven Beckham lets rip in a restaurant
    I'll cry if I want to ... Harper Seven Beckham lets rip in a restaurant

    POSH babies cry too — as Harper Beckham proved at a swish New York restaurant yesterday. 

    Footballer David's daughter bawled her eyes out as mum Victoria, 37, tried to calm her down.

    Mummy's girl ... Victoria Beckham and Harper
    Mummy's girl ... Victoria Beckham and Harper
    Posh is in Manhattan for New York Fashion Week, where she is showing off her new range.
    She took two-month-old Harper Seven to the swanky Balthazar eatery — which is known for its mussels and chips.
    Maybe she told off the youngster for her shellfish behaviour...



    Rihanna’s stretch in limo in lingerie

    Baby got backseat ... skimpy Rihanna perches in car
    Baby got backseat ... skimpy Rihanna perches in car

    THERE will be plenty of blokes up for valeting this motor while RIHANNA sits inside in her smalls.


    Here's the latest set of snaps from the Bajan's Armani underwear and jeans campaign.
    You hardly notice her short blonde barnet thanks to her array of stretching techniques.
    If the ads in Auto Trader were like these photos then subscriptions for the car mag would rocket.

    Ride on time ... blonde Rihanna and, right, her old look
    Ride on time ... blonde Rihanna and, right, her old look
    Car, bra, superstar ... Rihanna displays healthy jeans
    Car, bra, superstar ... Rihanna displays healthy jeans



    Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez enjoy an ‘intimate’ date

    Restaurant date ... Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper
    Restaurant date ... Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper

    ENNIFER Lopez and Hangover star Bradley Cooper went on a dinner date at the weekend.


    A source said the two-hour stay at a top New York restaurant was "intimate".
    J-Lo, 42, split from husband Marc Antony in July.
    And Cooper, 36, ended his two-year romance with Renee Zellweger in March.
    A staff member at £185-per-head Per Se restaurant confirmed: "They were here for a while."
    In August J-Lo — who has been wed three times — said she hopes to find love again. She said: "I remain an eternal optimist about love. I'm a hopeless romantic."



    Too sexy? Simon Cowell has a Rih-think on Rihanna

    Sauce to be reckoned with ... Rihanna's routines are sassy
    Sauce to be reckoned with ... Rihanna's routines are sassy

    SIMON Cowell has signed up Rihanna as a US X Factor mentor — despite previously claiming she was much too RAUNCHY. 


    The Barbados-born babe, 23, will be L.A. Reid's sidekick when he whittles down his final four acts.
    She is the second star signed as a judge mentor after Mariah Carey. A source said: "Simon loves Rihanna and loved having her on the UK show last year — so it's no surprise he wants her back.
    "He hasn't officially announced her yet as he loves keeping everyone guessing. But fans are already getting excited."
    Rumours started after Simon dined with the What's My Name? singer in Barbados last Christmas.
    She was linked with a judging role but he signed Reid, Paula Abdul and Cheryl Cole instead. Cheryl was then dumped in favour of Nicole Scherzinger.

    Sex Factor ... Christina Aguilera got blood boiling on last year's show
    Sex Factor ... Christina Aguilera got blood boiling on last year's show
    Rihanna's role comes just a year after she and raunchy singer Christina Aguilera sparked thousands of complaints in the UK after appearing scantily-clad for the finale.
    Even Simon has admitted that this year's show will need to be less saucy.
    He said: "We'll have to tone it down a bit this series."
    The US X Factor will air on ITV2 on September 22 — the day after its premiere in America.



    Sunday, September 11, 2011

    9/11 - The Sun pays tribute to the victims

    Leave your memorial messages below 

    In our hearts ... grieving relatives left prayers for lost loved ones on wall following the atrocity

    SEPTEMBER 11 2001. It was the United Nations' International Day of Peace.

    But before the day was over, 19 terrorists had shattered that ideal and snuffed out 2,983 innocent lives.
    Steering hijacked jets packed with terrified passengers into the twin towers of New York's World Trade Center at 500mph, they declared war on the United States and on the freedom-loving world in general.

    It was the worst and most cowardly attack since Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbor naval base that triggered America's entry into World War Two.
    As the scale of the devastation - dozens more died in two other co-ordinated 'flying bombs' - sent shockwaves around the globe, countless millions of people could do nothing more than watch from afar as the actions of a hate-filled few changed the world forever.
    A decade on, we look back at the atrocity and invite Sun readers to pay their own special tributes to the victims of 9/11 using the form below.
    Click above to view our moving photo tribute honouring those who died on 9/11.